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Joint & crack sealing
Joint and Crack Sealing

Eurovia is one of the leading joint and crack sealing system providers in the UK and offers national experience of delivering a service recognised by the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) and the Extruded Sealant Association (ESA) for the following activities;

Overbanding - a cost-effective hot applied process to treat random cracks on a road surface. Eurovia are approved installers for BBA HAPAS approved materials which provide excellent skid resistant values, repair cracks and seal the road surface against the ingress of water therefore extending the life of the pavement.

Inlaid Crack Sealing - is recessed into the surface and filled with a BBA HAPAS approved polymer- modified, flexible bituminous compound which provides a long-lasting solution for repairing cracks and surface defects in bituminous road surfaces, as well as cracks and failed joints in concrete roads.

IronGuard - is a revolutionary, BBA HAPAS approved, bituminous based reinstatement system that solves that continuing problem of rocking ironworks and asphalt breaking up around ironworks. Advantages of this system include:

- Fast Installation

- BBA HAPAS approved

- Small two-man crew 100% on-site process

- Apply any time of year

- Flexible material that absorbs differential movement between the ironwork and the asphalt surround

Screeding – for treating multiple cracks and defective areas in both asphalt and concrete surfaces

In addition, Eurovia also offers the following solutions to maintain and preserve the lifespan of the asset;


• Transition Joint Repairs

•  APJ reconstructions and top ups

•  Cut and Seal to asphalt overlays

•  Joint Sealing to concrete pavements – Hot and Cold Applied materials

•  Concrete pavement repairs

•  Deep saw cutting


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