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Vacancies for ex-military personnel
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If you’ve worked in the military, you’ll likely have a lot of the skills and traits that will make you successful here; whatever the role, your military experience will be an asset to your application.

You’re existing skills will be hugely valuable since you will:


-       Be involved with solving problems, working at a fast pace and be rewarded for improving how we work.

-       Be disciplined, reliable and driven

-       Have a strong sense of ‘team working’, camaraderie and leadership

-       Possess technical, engineering or man-management skills which will further support your application.


We don’t limit your options and if you’re driven and demonstrate the skills and a passion for the business, we will give you the support and opportunity to grow in terms of remit and responsibility. Learning and development is a priority which means you’ll keep building on your knowledge and developing new skills, throughout your career. Personal development is an effective mix of training courses, on-the-job learning and soon to be launched, online learning.


Applying for roles after leaving the military can require some thought and especially if it’s your first time applying for civilian roles. But you should take confidence from the fact that many people have gone from the military to Eurovia and thrived here. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your application is as strong as possible.

  • Research your options. We recruit across the business and you can find out more about here. Each of these are quite different from one another and you should  understand which one is right for you.
  • Think about the kind of role you want. In our application form we will ask you to      specify what kind of environment you would like to work in. Would you like to work outside? Are you happy working shifts, or unusual hours?
  • Think carefully about your CV. There are a lot of helpful guides online. Tell us      about your experience and think about the skills you have versus what is in the role requirements.
  • Make a decision about your role based on your current skills; you will be able to succeed even more quickly if you apply for a role that complements your      existing skillset.
  • Be confident about your experiences in the military. Your skills are transferable and will help you no matter which role you join us in.


How to Apply


-      search in the vacancy lists for the location which is suitable for you

-      remember to look in ‘see all vacancies’ for an entire list

-      remember to click ‘explore group jobs’ for vacancies in the Group

-      search to see if there is a role you are interested in

-      Click ‘Apply’


Armed Forces Covenant, Employer Recognition Scheme Award Certificate.