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Switching to battery powered landscaping tools
Hedge Trimmer
All our petrol landscaping tools have been replaced by battery powered tools. The move will significantly reduce the level of CO2 being released into the atmosphere each year by our business. Extensive trials have already taken place across the company to select the correct equipment and ensure that the quality of work and ease of use is not impacted.

Equipment included in the move includes brush cutters, blowers, hedge cutters, pole saws and 14” chainsaws.

Our operatives enjoy the ease of use of the battery powered machinery. Noise levels of the new machinery are also significantly reduced – a great benefit to machinery handlers as we don’t need ear protection. The elimination of noise pollutions also means we can start operations earlier in the day as another added bonus.

Other advantages of using battery powered equipment include the removal of the need for pull cords, removing the risks associated with sourcing, handling and the need to mix fuels, which will consequently reduce the amount of operational downtime and breakdowns.

This is an industry leading move for Eurovia, and further highlights how we are taking the company’s ambition to reduce our carbon footprint seriously.”